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Over the course of the camp our coaches will be teaching skills for a variety of sports.

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Fundamental Youth Sports is a multi sport youth camp for kids ages 6-12 of all experience levels who will learn a variety of sports in an instructional, but fun and competitive environment.

Our camp is led by local coach Scott Shraiberg, who has more than 15 years of coaching experience ranging from early youth sports to the collegiate level. Athletes will be taught fundamentals of multiple sports.

We go beyond the grueling, boring, repetitive drills of ordinary youth sports practices and incorporate fun competitions. In each session, training will progress in each sport as campers hone their skills and ultimately put what they’ve learned to the test in competitions. We track each athlete’s improvement and present awards for their performance.

Benefits of our program include:

  • Giving kids an alternative to TV, video games, and mobile devices by participating in athletics. Studies show that children who start participating in sports between ages 6 to 12 have 40 percent higher test scores, 7-8 percent higher lifetime earnings, a 15 percent increased likelihood of college attendance, and a significantly lower instance of obesity.
  • Making sports fun again. Studies indicate 80 percent of youth athletes quit after age 15, mostly due to burnout.
  • Broadening interest across a variety of sports, creating a more well-rounded, physically able athlete. Studies say multi-sport athletes report 26% fewer injuries than kids who specialized in one sport by age 12.
  • Coaching kids how to win and lose in competition, which is important in life. 
  • Enhancing both physical and mental abilities.
  • Teaching teamwork.
  • Creating friendships and memories.

Fundamental sports camp is conveniently located at the new, state-of-the-art South Suburban regional sports complex in Highlands Ranch.

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